2022 Land Stewards: Bridget Motiff

by | Land Stewards, LS 2022

I grew up in northern Wisconsin, on the south shore of Lake Superior where I was able to explore and foster a passion for the outdoors. I spent a lot of my free time on the water and in the forest with my younger brother, which made me realize how much I value the land and life around me.

This inspired me to continue studying ecology and conservation while I attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison where I graduated with a degree in Wildlife Ecology. I have been living in Durango, CO for the past two years and have been fortunate to call both the mountains and desert my home. I enjoy mountain biking, backpacking, climbing, bird watching, hiking, and pretty much any activity that allows me to be outside!  
I decided to become an MAI [Land Stewards] Intern because I want to contribute to the mission of strengthening connections between people and the natural world. I hope to share a value for the outdoors with others and allow all people to develop a positive relationship with the natural world. I’m most excited to be able to explore a new environment and work towards conservation goals while helping others do the same. I am also looking forward to building community in a new place and hope to foster relationships that will continue.