Beavers Sold Out, And We Got a Musical Surprise!

by | Field Notes, Sense Of Place, SOP 14, SOP Display

SOLD OUT! Last week’s Sense of Place, Beaver Power: Teaming Up With Nature’s Engineers to Restore Our Watersheds, packed the house (and the livestream)! Speakers, Jeanette Burkhardt and Margaret Neuman, took us back in time to uncover how beavers have shaped the landscape both in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide. Then, we dug into how these industrious creatures are emerging as unexpected partners in present-day solutions – from mitigating wildfires, addressing the impacts of climate change, and actively participating in landscape restoration. 

(A surprise performance of “Gotta Chew”)

You can WATCH the presentation in our Sense of Place Archive – including a surprise performance of the song, Gotta Chew, written by Ken Bevis and performed by Dennis “Alonzo Garbanzo” Castañares, Andy Lade, Dave Ryan, Tova Tilinghast, Margaret Neuman, Jeanette Burkhardt, and SOP host & curator, Sarah Fox. 

(Some of our livestream viewers – and their beaver buddies!)