2024 VetsWork: Arthur Hunsinger

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My name is Arthur Hunsinger. Growing up in northern Georgia, rural life didn’t offer many opportunities, but the Appalachians were at my back, and in those forests, I found a valuable refuge. I’d carve out my own little trails and build forts that felt more like home than the family house. When I was older, the military would move us to Texas. Even then, I’d spend days on end with no roof but the sky, fishing the creeks and camping through the warm nights. Though my later service to the Navy often kept me three decks deep in a cruiser, I’ve never lost my passion for the outdoors. 
As a Mt. Adams Institute AmeriCorps Intern, I want to further that passion and shape it into a career. I’m most looking forward to working in the forests and learning more about preserving the outdoor recreation opportunities on which I’ve always thrived.