2023 VetsWork: Gil Widener

by | VW 2023

My name is Gil Widener. I was born and raised in the rolling hills of East Tennessee in the hidden jewel of Knoxville! Both my parents were in the Air Force, my brother was in the Air Force, and I was a security forces member in the Air Force as well. I’m an ambivert who enjoys open dialogue yet also the expanse of open forests and rushing streams! My interests are MMA, Mushroom foraging, poetry, meditation/breathwork, and weightlifting, though my passion will always be nature.

Mt. Adams Institute offered me a chance to pursue a career in everything I hold dear, so of course, I had to take it! I’m entering this new phase of my life with a beginner’s mind, an open heart, and a willingness to learn as much as I can from the experienced people I work with. Humbled and grateful for the opportunity!