2023 VetsWork: Austin Lanham

by | VW 2023

My name is Austin Lanham. I was born and grew up in Tri-Cities, Washington. I spent most of my youth skateboarding and playing music, and after graduating high school, I started studying and teaching mixed martial arts. I’ve always enjoyed outdoor shooting and throwing knives for fun. I like to hike and go places I’ve never been, and enjoying those things. I figured going into the military might be interesting, so at 25 years old, I did. Unfortunately, it was not like I expected, so I left that organization as quickly as possible. Now I’m just looking for a job I can continually learn and enjoy while continuing to serve God through whatever outlets He puts before me.

This is a big reason I feel being an MAI intern will be a great opportunity for me. I’ll be surrounded by people that come from a hardworking and disciplined background and that know how to get things done and work together. Getting to spend my workdays outside in the various forms of weather our region has to offer is another thing I look forward to. I really think that type of atmosphere will be healthy for the mind. Of course, another big reason for my excitement is that I will have many chances to learn and experience new things, which is a benefit I value highly. Ultimately, I feel I am stepping into a whole new world of positive mystery and opportunity, and cannot wait to get to know as many wonderful people as I can and live life to the fullest.