2023 Land Stewards: Kyle Stachan

by | LS 2023

My love for the outdoors started as a Boy Scout in Massachusetts, but I came to love outdoor recreation and adventure education during my gap year. I got to travel and learn about new sports and skills like mountaineering, sea kayaking, rock climbing, and teaching. Once I started at Oregon State University, I quickly applied to the climbing gym on campus and worked with a crew of people equally excited about sharing climbing with more students. Soon, I even started leading trips to go climbing, hiking, and more. During my time there, I also planned and participated in many personal trips to climb the Cascade volcanos, rock climb at Smith Rock, and backcountry skiing.

I was lucky enough to come across the Mt Adams Institute job posting just in time to apply and was immediately excited by the description. Many entry-level positions in Geography are data-entry and computer intensive. Finding a position that would help me gain experience in my field while allowing me to hone my outdoor skills and spend the summer working outside was ideal, and MAI checks all the boxes. I’m excited for all of the learning opportunities available in a position like this and where it might take me in the future.