2023 Land Stewards: Jacob Kauzlarich

by | LS 2023

Hello, my name is Jacob Kauzlarich, but I like to go by Jake. I was born 20 minutes outside of Saint Louis on the east side of the Mississippi River. My family and I moved to North Carolina in 2017, where I started my first semester at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I loved my college experience because of the quality of education and the true diversity of Greensboro as a city. Being in such a strong community made me take my education very seriously. I ended up with 2 Bachelors degrees in ecological biology and environmental science. My favorite activities in nature would have to be rock climbing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, and star gazing.

The Thing that excited me most about this position is its location. One trip to Washington in 2019 was all it took for me to get addicted to the scenery, weather, wildlife, and outdoor culture. For the Mt. Adams Land Steward program specifically, I like the altruistic idea of working FOR the land in the name of environmental preservation. Through the lens of stewardship, we can view the land and its inhabitants as companions, as opposed to exploitable common resources. I’m proud to be part of group that cares about and wants to preserve the ecology. In the face of the current climate crisis, I feel actions like this mean the most at times like this. Out of this experience, I hope to gain greater appreciation for our shared home and to make more friends along the way.