2023 Land Stewards: Hannah Sebring

by | LS 2023

Growing up in Colorado, I developed a strong affinity for the outdoors from a young age. Hiking, camping, fishing, etc. all were my primary outlets for connecting with nature. This connection led quickly to a passion for preservation and when it came time to choose a college major at University of Oregon, I settled on Environmental Studies (with a quick detour to Marine Bio inspired by my love of whales, despite growing up in a landlocked state). I graduated in 2021, and have been exploring career opportunities since. My thesis explored Eco-Literature represented in Disney, and the value of accessible environmental education for a wide variety of audiences; environmental interpretation is a focal point of my environmental education which I am eager to explore in this role. In the winter, I work at a ski resort on Mt. Hood. I am excited to be on the Mount Hood National Forest for all the seasons this year!

This position was perfectly written to fit all my career interests and passions while forging important experiences invaluable in the environmental field. I look forward to beginning a service based experience in a community I love, and that also loves the environment in a similar way as me. I am excited to share some of the information I’ve learned thus far in my career, as well as learn so much more in my new role! I am really excited about the opportunity to work closely with the U.S. Forest Service and explore connections with both my cohort and career field. This is an incredible opportunity to begin a career in environmental work, with the benefits of so many amazing organizations. I am hoping this experience will help me shape future career goals, lay the groundwork for a career in the environmental field, and allow me to be where I love.