2023 Land Stewards: Elijah Claybaugh

by | LS 2023, LS Display

My name is Elijah. My childhood was split between the deserts of Arizona and the mountains of northern Idaho. My immediate family consists of my mother, father, and my sister. I have always loved Nature and felt a very strong connection to it. I love hiking, cycling, kayaking, and swimming. I was blessed to grow up in a beautiful area in which there was lots of mountains, lakes, and trails that I could explore. I spent a lot of time hiking with my family growing up, which definitely played a major role in instilling my love of Nature deep within my being.

I decided to become an intern because it honestly sounds like my dream job. I am eager to learn more and advance my knowledge and understanding of forest stewardship, so I can potentially do this type of work full-time in the future. I am the most content when I am in nature, living in the wilderness. I am so excited to have this experience so I can get out of the city and return to the forest. What excites me most is the opportunity to learn and open up more possibilities for myself. After six months, I plan on using the scholarship towards a wilderness first responder certification, as well as wilderness first aid. My hope is that I will gain the experience and knowledge to help me get a job working in the wilderness and meet like-minded friends who share the same love of nature and the outdoors. 🙂