2023 Land Stewards Field Note: Elijah Claybaugh

by | Field Notes, Land Stewards, LS 2023

The Chelan Ranger District is such a unique place to work. Chelan itself is hot and dry with rolling hills typical of Eastern/central Washington, yet when you get on the boat and take a ride uplake into the wilderness; the landscape takes a dramatic change. The mountains suddenly become much larger and more verdant. Overt and declivitous peaks capped with snow stand out like beckoning monoliths across the horizon.

I feel very blessed with this opportunity to learn the proper trail maintenance techniques in such a beautiful place.

I have worked in foggy glades, high alpine forest, high rocky peaks, decimated burn areas,  tranquil meadows, and mountain lakes. I am learning the essential skills to clear and maintain hiking trails, dirt bike trails, and campsites. I’m super grateful for this experience and my chance to improve my knowledge,  skills, and communication this season.