2022 VetsWork: Luke Duvall

by | VW 2022

My name is Luke I live in cottonwood California if you don’t know where that is that’s honestly a good thing. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, walks with my dog, camping, and wood burning signs. The outdoors and nature have always been important to me everywhere I have been I always enjoyed some aspect of the scenery around me. Korea I hiked to a Buddhist temple in the mountains, in UAE liked watching the sun go down in the desert, Rota Spain I enjoyed the beach, El Paso Texas did a lot of camping, Fort Lewis WA loved everything about the outdoors there. I was in the army from 2004 to 2014 and was a Patriot Systems Operator and Maintainer which is basically glorified air traffic control. After the army I dabbled in many different jobs but I kept coming back to something outdoors and working with my hands. I started going to school for Forestry but due to covid and other life stuff it had to be put on hold for a while. Becoming a Mt. Adams intern was honestly by chance I found a description of the internship while looking for a job. I applied hoping to get myself back on track with my education and job goals. Getting the internship was the best news I have had all year I thought for sure I had missed my chance. I am excited to learn new skills while also doing my part to help the environment. The one thing I really miss about the Army was feeling I was a part of something bigger than myself. I am hoping to get a real world understanding of working for a national park and the various jobs that make up those careers. Also any chance to travel somewhere I have never been is always a great draw for me.