2022 VetsWork: Drew Bryant

by | VW 2022

My name is Drew, and I am from Bakersfield, California. I enjoy traveling and I have lived in a few different states. I was CTR in the Navy. After that I moved to Flagstaff and enrolled in Northern Arizona University and began getting my degree in Parks & Recreation Management. I love camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, bird-watching and I’ve always had a keen interest in wildlife. I love dogs especially my dog, Buffy. I am hoping to be able to leave this experience with the skills and knowledge I would need to step into a wildlife conservation position or wildlife documentation position. Along with that I am hoping to have found a path in the direction I want to take with my career and emphasis in my education. I want to test myself with some firsthand experience working with wildlife in an outdoor environment and learn new skills and sharpen those that I already possess. I want to work with experienced individuals and absorb as much knowledge as I can. I want to use this opportunity to develop myself into versatile professional.