VetsWork: Historic Sites on the Mark Twain National Forest

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Having a natural liking to historical times, places, structures, antiques, and even stories, I chose to pursue an intern position in Archaeology. Given that opportunity, and returning as a former 2015 VetsWork Intern, I am now on the Mark Twain National Forest Region 9 in Southeast Missouri. There are several pre-historic and historic sites located on the 11 point Ranger District in which I work. One that I have recently visited for the first time is Greer Mill.


Greer Mill was built by Samuel Greer of Oregon County, MO in 1899 with his partner, George Mainprize. The mill sits less than 1 mile uphill from Greer Spring. With a system of cables and pulleys, the mill gave farmers access to grain processing and rural populations access to flour. Mill operations ended in 1920, possibly the result of supplies coming in by railroad.


Today, Greer Mill still stands and has been a prime candidate for a Passport In Time (PIT) project. HistoriCorps, Friends of the 11 Point, and the neighboring Amish community have partnered with the Mark Twain National Forest engaging in these PIT projects and rehabilitation efforts. Reconstruction on structural log beams, rebuilding west end elevation foundation, new siding, new roof, interior bent stabilization, and minor repairs of stairs and infill window openings are just a few.


This year, there is another PIT Project I will be assisting on. Plans include: debris clean up, floor replacement, artifact collection/documentation, and window preservation.   Eventually, the Mark Twain would like to have Greer Mill reopened to the public in restored condition, machines and equipment for the time period on display, and interpretive signs.


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VetsWork: “My Office Views on the Mark Twain National Forest”

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2015-10-08 09.21.29

A Missouri treasure at Turners Mill

2015-10-08 09.21.23

Won’t find this in the city. Pines Overlook – Red Bluff Recreation Area

2015-10-08 09.21.15

Mark Twain was first named Clark National Forest

2015-10-08 09.21.02

Old Silver Mines late 1800’s and closed in the 1930’s

2015-10-08 09.21.08

There’s something you don’t see every day, big whistle tube aka corrugated metal pipe, RR tracks on top.

Working for the Forest Service or any other related agency, does have its perks! If any of these places spark your interests, this may be the job for you! I couldn’t imagine better office views!

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VetsWork: Career Building – From Dream to Reality.


Hello all! Only a few months into my new internship with the Forest Service and all is going well. This internship is a time of exploration to learn what I like most and to get a better sense for career/college direction hereafter. I have had many opportunities already to connect with several departments with an array of activities and trainings. This includes work with administrative/clerical, archeology, engineering, fire, recreation, and timber.


Although I have had more exposure in some departments over others, I have begun to get an understanding of each one in itself. As time goes on, this will help me find my niche and reach my goal of deciding an area of study for the Forest Service or any other related agency. Soon, I will connect with other areas as well to further learning and keep this goal moving forward.

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To be honest, in the back of my mind I do have an idea already of what I may like to pursue as a career. However, I am allowing all experiences/trainings and internship completion before choosing. My career choice needs to be definite. There are many traveling opportunities working for the Department of Agriculture and travelling to new places is a favorite pastime and I do welcome this…depending on where it is of course. Not sure what is to come at or near the end of my internship but am very grateful for this time spent with the VetsWork program on the Mark Twain National Forest gaining new skills and trainings to aid in my future.

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