VetsWork: “Enjoy What You Do, Do What You Enjoy”


Greer Spring View: Thanks to the Forest Service, this view is no longer only available to private land owners, but is now open to the general public; at least those who dare trek the old mule supply route by foot anyways, down from Greer Mill to the Greer Cabins. Gratefully, I was a part of the initial actions to restore the grounds and be one of the first to see inside the cabin and gaze upon the spring from an old deck that still stands strong today (well, mostly) believed to be built between the 20’s and 40’s.

Greer Spring View

Greer Cabins: The cabins were built in the 1920’s and remodeled again in the 1940’s. They stand as both an architectural artifact and an homage to the creativity from almost a century ago. The view alone is very serene and calming and is a great reward for hikers and adventurers alike. And to think, I would never have had an opportunity such as this without the Mt. Adams Institute and the wonderful VetsWork program.

Greer Mill: Built in 1899, Greer Mill is unique because the cables that ran the mill were 3/4 of a mile from the spring, an incredible distance for the technology at the time. I got a chance to meet with some of the members of HistoriCorps, a group dedicated to preserving history utilizing volunteers, as they jacked up the foundation to its proper height. I witnessed a piece of history in the name of preserving history, something meaningful and inspiring to write home about.

Greer Mill

Epitome: These signs can be found at the camping area located at Greer Spring Recreation Area. To me, they not only map the area or list boring rules, they engage visitors by advertising all the joys available to those willing to seek them.


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VetsWork: Mid-year reflection on the Mark Twain National Forest


As we break for the 4th of July holiday, “It’s all downhill from here…” my supervisor mentions. The summer solstice has passed and I too have reached the midpoint of my internship with the Forest Service via the Mt Adams Institute VetsWork program. So far I have explored a plethora of places I have never been before and have made some new friends along the way. Not to mention getting some awesome training with some chainsaws.

Blog 2.2

Up ahead, I still have big plans for the White Oak Trail and the Woodchuck Trail which have become the focus of most of my attention outside of my regular duties. I plan on getting some heavy equipment certifications, as well; which I am pretty excited about. Some days, as I ponder over the historical natural areas and their beauty, it’s easy to forget this is work. But, the job we accomplish each day leaves our parks and recreation areas more beautiful than before and it’s something to be proud of.

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VetsWork: “I wasn’t born on the river, but I got there as soon as possible.”


I cherish every day that I can wake to the great outdoors. The word “work” doesn’t even come to mind. Since moving here to Doniphan, MO I’ve come to appreciate the “tubing” culture that has evolved around Current River. There is a sign above one of the patrons of 11 Point Ranger District which sums up the mindset of the locals: “I wasn’t born on the river, but I got there as soon as possible.” I patiently wait for summer to be a part of this experience and explore the Current River for myself.


As a part of the VetsWork Program I intend to leave my mark on what has become my favorite area along the Current, Float Camp Recreation Area. There are 2 trails, White Oak and Woodchuck Nature Trails. Float Camp and its coinciding trails were established in the 50’s as interpretive trails. The trails and its interpretive signage have fallen on the way side and I plan to restore the trails as they were originally intended many years ago for future generations to enjoy many more years to come.



Being a part of AmeriCorps has not only opened my eyes to many aspects of the Forest Service, but what the forest has to offer. On a daily basis I am surrounded my many like-minded individuals who have the same passion for nature and I learn something from them every day.


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