Meet VetsWork AmeriCorps Intern Harley Coleman


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“I want to know what you’re passionate about.  Whatever people are passionate about; that’s what interests me.”


Harley grew up mainly in rural Oklahoma. As a child he spent almost all of his time outside.  That hasn’t changed for Harley, as the outdoors remains a big part of his daily life.   Joining the Army at 17, Harley spent nearly four years as an Airborne Infantry Rifleman at Ft. Bragg, NC.  After the Army he started working full time and attending Oklahoma State University. He graduated with a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Management with a minor in Business. While attending school Harley tried out several career paths including security/law enforcement, pest control, construction, and small business ownership.

 It wasn’t until he went to work for an eagle rehabilitation and education center that he discovered the joy of teaching others about the natural world.  He found that he enjoyed trying to instill in people the love of the earth, its processes and inhabitants. Harley spent nearly 3 years learning and teaching about Eagles, Raptors, ecology, physiology and the historical and religious significance of these amazing creatures. Now he starts an 11 month internship where he will expand his knowledge, pursue his innate curiosity about the natural world and share that with the communities of the Umatilla National Forest. Harley will be building hiking trails, educating youth, coordinating volunteers and supporting wildlife projects over the course of his internship.  His infectious enthusiasm for the natural world and his genuine interest in continual learning will help him make a lasting impression on the Umatilla National Forest!