To Apply for a Scholarship:

Please fill out the application form by the priority deadline of Sunday, April 12th. Applications may be considered after the priority deadline, only if funds are still available.


After April 12, 2020, please submit the form anyway.  There may still be scholarship funds available.  If you have questions or to request a paper application, contact Program Coordinator: or call (509) 426-4523. 

Después de 12 de abril, 20120 se puede solicitar. A veces todavía hay fondos disponibles. Si tiene preguntas o quiere el formulario en papel, por favor, contacte a Dana (coordinadora de programas, se habla español),, o llame (509) 426-4523.

Coffee Sales for Tuition:

Cascade Mountain School has a partnership with Hood River Coffee Roasters to buy coffee at cost and have families sell it at retail prices to raise money for camp tuition.

Please email Dana to get started.

Scholarship Policies:

    • Scholarship requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and awarded based on financial need.
    • Scholarships are awarded based on available funds.
    • Families are expected to support the participant financially to the extent that they are able and must at least pay a portion of the program cost. Participants will fill out registration forms and pay a $25 deposit fee within two weeks of receiving scholarship award to reserve their participant’s spot in the camp. This can be completed online or with paper forms. The remainder of the tuition is due 30 days prior to the first day of camp. If the deposit is cost-prohibitive for your family, contact Dana
    • Priority is given to local Columbia Gorge applicants and/or applicants who raise their own funds to augment scholarship dollars, as many of our scholarship dollars are funded by local philanthropic organizations who aim to support local participants.
    • All information shared on the Scholarship Application is confidential and is only reviewed by Cascade Mountain School officials.
    • If awarded a scholarship, Cascade Mountain School expects participants to be willing to share stories from their program and information about future Cascade Mountain School opportunities.